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21ST CENTURY CHITOSAN 1000MG 30'S(EXP 12/2020)



The revolutionary way to lose weight, CHITOSAN contains 1000mg of pure Chitosan made from prawn and crab shell fibers.

Major Benefits:


  • 21st Century's CHITOSAN absorbs up to 75 times its weight in dietary fat from consumed food, which is then expelled through the bowel. This occurs because CHITOSAN attracts fat and saturated fat from the upper and lower intestines upon consumption, thereby preventing fat from being absorbed by the body.
  • CHITOSAN effectively lowers blood serum cholesterol levels with no apparent side effects.
  • CHITOSAN decreases the liver's workload and lightens the stress put on other body organs by the presence of excess fat.
  • CHITOSAN guards against gout and kidney stones by helping to regulate uric acid levels.
  • CHITOSAN speeds the healing of wounds and broken bones.

Direction for use

Take one tablet daily before any meal with a glass of water or as recommended by a doctor or a pharmacist.


Chitosan 1000mg